Pretend Play
Pretend Play
Pretend Play

Research has identified that an important benefit of early pretend play is its enhancement of a child’s capacity for cognitive flexibility and, ultimately, creativity. By absorbing themselves in an imaginative game, whatever it may be, children are given the opportunity to practice using their imagination, to exercise their brain and train it to think creatively, and to learn how to think for themselves. The ability to use our imagination is a cognitive skill that we all require throughout life, and we need to encourage children to learn how to do this from the start with frequent opportunities for imaginative play.

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  • Size approx 7x4cm
  • 6pcs/set
  • Puppet dress might differs in dif batch



  • Size: 11*13*0.7CM
  • Colour :Blue (Green) / Pink
  • Material :Wood
  • Cute outlook encourage children to drink more water
  • Material : Wood
  • Box Size 22 x 19.5 x 13cm
  • Box Colour :Pink
  • Packaging Size 23 x 20 x 15cm
  • Suitable Ages : 36Months++