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(PROMO) Simulated Biological Microscope Science Experiment
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Brand OEM
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  • Phone Holder x1 
  • Dropper x1
  • Scalpel x1
  • Tweezer x1
  • Dissecting Needle x1
  • Cloth x1
  • Box Size 22.5 x 28cm

1. Cultivate children's interest in exploration, enjoy the micro world, and increase children's interest and knowledge in science.
2、Cultivate Observation and Attention: The observation angle can be adjusted to protect children's spine and cultivate observation and attention.
3、200X/600X/1200X Changable: The multiples 200X/600X/1200X can be switched to meet needs of elementary and middle school students.
4、LED Light: If the light is insufficient, you can turn on the LED light source, and you can use the LED light source to adjust the light source.
5、Convenient and Quick Operation: Integrated adjustment, convenient focus adjustment, convenient and quick operation.

1. This children's microscope has a variety of colors to choose from, and the magnification can be adjusted to help children increase their interest in science and desire for exploration, and enhance parent-child communication.
2. With some tools, collection bottles, collection boxes, etc., it is perfect and practical.
3. It can increase parent-child interaction, help parent-child emotional accumulation and strengthen communication.



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1 x Simulated Biological Microscope Science Experiment