Tear-Free Thick Baby Early Learning Recognition Flash Card - Set of 6
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  • Card Size 9cm x 9cm
  • Number Of Cards: 45 Pieces Each

Number Of Cards: 45 Pieces Each
Card Size :9 x 9cm

Teach Your Child Concepts Essential for School Success:
Strengthen your child’s abilities in these areas: english spelling, number recognition, relativity, word problems, occupation, transport, animal, vegetable & fruits, and non-verbal thinking, analogies, patterning, sequencing, classifying, creative thinking, working, short and long-term memory, listening, paying attention, concentration, focus, and more!

Our Cards Are Designed For Learning & Fun!
After 9 years of offering online and printable test prep materials, we decided to create easy-to-use flash cards. Having a physical card to hold makes it easy to teach your child essential skills. Most cards have multiple questions, puzzles, and activities with varying difficulty levels, so you can track your child's progress with ease.

The cards don’t rip or tear easily, and the glossy finish means that if they ever get dirty, you can simply wipe them off.

Verbal Concepts
Perfect for teaching your child essential vocabulary, such as first/last, top/middle, below/above, etc.

Improve your child's following directions, listening, and verbal skills.

Learn temporal, spatial, quantity, and quality vocabulary.

Apply concepts from these cards to the world around you - your home, neighborhood, local shops, and town.

General Knowledge
Improve your child's knowledge of information, comprehension, vocabulary, and school readiness.

Inspire children to learn about the world around them. Take trips to the planetarium or museum to further complement what is on the cards.

Bright, fun, playful cards that provide education at home or on the go.

Confidence-based Repetition
If you find that your child is having a hard time understanding a concept/problem from a particular flash card, put that card aside for later review.

By understanding their answers in comparison to the correct answers, children approach the world with more confidence!

Long-Term Memory

Flash cards are proven to improve Brain functions. By reiterating school content, children will self-reflect and retain the information in the long-term.

Spaced repetition- take breaks between studying and reviewing. For example, study in increasing intervals such as Day 1, Day 2, Day 4. Day 8, and on. The longer gaps between review helps to activate long-term memory.

Tips & Tricks
Shuffle flash cards each time you practice.
Reward your child when they complete a difficult topic.
Look for teachable moments throughout the day that reinforces lessons taught by the cards.

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